Thursday, March 1, 2012

One + More

Baby girl is one month today. She's such a joy and we've been blessed with an "easy" baby. Right now my little Emily is curled up on my chest and Mark and I can't stop staring at her. Here's a few pictures from this week <3

She loves rocking her swing
but not as much as I love holding her close

I'm hoping that this project will get me to take more pictures and blog everyday (aren't you happy Sarah;)

I love how she will always look up to her Daddy, he has set the bar pretty high....



  1. Can't believe a month has gone by...You look great and Emily is growing and filling out so perfectly. I so enjoyed just sitting and holding her after bible study on Wednesday. She was sleeping so peacefully and making cute little facial expressions. I know time will keep moving forward and the day will come that she will not sit still so for now I will embrace and delight in all the moments of holding, cuddling and loving on her. <3 grandma

  2. Yes! I am happy! Thank you for posting more, she's just too stinkin cute. And since I can't physically come see her every day, I must have some cute blog pictures to keep me satisfied :)