Sunday, March 4, 2012

Double the Cake!

Happy Birthday Uncle Drake and Auntie Lisa!
 Tomorrow they get to celebrate their birthdays together, but tonight we celebrated with made at home sushi and ice cream cake. Yum! So glad to have the Kellas family in our lives!

DAY 4: Bedside

It was 80° today, so of course we made a detour on the way to dinner :)

 Hope you all had a great weekend !



  1. Cute picture of us girls! I copied that one over to my computer. Im so glad I got plenty of time to hold the little one last night, she's such a doll. Sushi parties are always the best! I bet it was gorgeous by the beach yesterday, I"m glad you three took advantage :). See you soon! xoxo

  2. Emily is quite the party animal! :o)She has such a busy life! I'm loving your blog and all of the pictures. I'm impressed how on top of it you are with a brand new baby!

  3. Love it!! I need to schedule a time to come over and just love on baby girl without any of my children. I just want to snack on her cheeks :)