Friday, March 2, 2012


Here’s what we picked up this morning:

We have been so lucky this week to spend extra with Auntie Steph! Just wish I would have taken pictures of it… It’s been full of eating and loving on Emily, Jazzercise, help at TJ’s and our girls night tonight! Also entertaining since Emily has spit up on JuJu’s floor and Pastor Jeff’s jacket one night then tonight, covered my shirt in spit up also and pooped up the back. Luckily she’s pretty perfect so we still think it’s cute! We can’t wait till Uncle Brent buys them a house down here close to the beach and we can see them more, until then Wednesday nights will do

 Here’s a few more from today:

This morning we came home to a beautiful flower arrangement from my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Kawai. She’s such a sweet and special lady

We love her expression on her face, she looks like she has so much to say

LOVE these legs and little toes

Ava has been so excited to see Emily, wanting to feel her, play baby dolls with her and put her in her shopping cart, luckily JuJu makes sure Ava just touches her belly and legs :)

Love her!

Our Family <3




  1. Ah! Such great pictures. What a BEAUTIFUL family photo of you and Mark and Emily. You look so pretty and well rested - is that possible? Are her feet like yours? Because from the picture you took, it seems like they might be :) I bet its so fun trying to figure out which features of Emily's look like each of you. So happy I get to see her tonight! And of course you as well ;)

  2. What a great week spending so much time with the Sammons family! I had such a blast! :o) I look forward to it. And Uncle Brent needs to hurry and buy Auntie I love you a house by the beach so she can spend all kinds of time with Emily and mommy! Can't wait for it! I love you all so so much!