Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lucy Marie

Two weeks ago we got to welcome our Lucy girl into the world. Labor was shooing it was close Friday night and contented into Saturday morning. After an adjustment, lunch and a beach walk we decided to go to the hospital at 3pm. We checked and and things didn't go quite the way we had planned but knew one way or another we would be holding our girl soon and that's all that mattered. Labor progressed smooth and I was fully effaced and dilated to a 5 at 11pm... an intense hour later Lucy was born. I'm so blessed to have Mark as my support, he was a huge help and knows me so well and what I need. I loved bringing our Lucy into the world and hope I remember what this process was like for a long time. 

We had just decided it was time to go to the hospital. hence my half smile ;) 

So blessed with the support we had in this afternoon and in life

12:04am 6lbs 2oz <3 td="">

True love

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Proud grandparents
Morning snuggles

Emily meeting her sister for the fist time, I know she'll be a great big sister 
Great Grandparents.... and yes I will nurse her  a lot ;)

First bath
We waited about 3 days until we let Emily hold Lucy but it was well worth the wait 

Proud mama

We took advantage of Daddy being home and  had some
one on one fun with Miss E too 

My family of 4

Grand #6

Our littlest mama Sammy Lou loving on her baby cousin
Wishing I could freeze her like this, just for a couple weeks or so.
Our sweet tiny Lucy girl, Mommy and Daddy love you more than you know.

It has been a wonderful 2 weeks, lots of firsts and possibly lasts. I came across this article this week and needed the reminder to cherish every day. It Is something we all want to do but in the day to day tasks, goals, ideas, and caring for another little one I can loose sight of this so quickly. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A year in review...

Hi friends! Here we are again, all 4 of us.. but I'll get to that in the next post. Theres no way to recap everything but here's a short picture roll from the last year and a half.. speed version :)

Emily loves the park

Hope you are always this happy my big girl

"I love my teetchers"

Monday waffles at Grandpa and Grandma's makes me happy

4 months with a little pumpkin growing 

We LOVE our cousins 

and our Paisley "she's so cute"

Classic Zoo Picture

loving our 6 years together

the first year went too fast 

Family love...

lots of family love!

Our Emily Anne

Uncle Seth is deployed in Afghanistan and we miss him but are so proud of all he is doing


Just like that our baby girl is 2

"Sammy is my best friend, she likes pink and I like green"

Wishing I could make times like this slow down

Last picture as a family of 3