Monday, February 20, 2012

Love like no other...

19 days ago our lives changed in a way it’s even hard to put into words. Our sweet little Emily Anne was born. February 1st at 6:57 pm life stopped for a moment. After 20+ hours of labor and WORK, she was here. People will ask what it’s like and there aren’t words to describe this joy, responsibility, and most of all this overwhelming love for one little human. We cannot imagine life without her and everything before her seems almost irrelevant.

I should go back and apologize for not posting anything for almost 2 months, in that time we were trying EVERYTHING to get the little miss to join us in the world. I ate pineapple, sprinkled oregano in every hot meal, sipped on wine, ate spicy food, took baths, got adjusted every week, sometimes twice, walked and walked and walked, even did spin a week before she came, tried to relax and “put it out of my head” and the day I went into labor I had done acupuncture through someone who specializes in pregnant women. Who knows if that was what did it or it was just her time. Only God knew the day she would be born. He has such an incredible plan and His timing is always perfect.

Here’s a little glimpse of what our life has been for the last 2 weeks…

The short post does not due the last month justice but I will be more consistent now. I want to remember every moment and capture every first. 

39 weeks, hoping she was coming any day...

41 weeks

Laboring at the hospital, I had the best support!

Love Daddy's face... she's almost here

pure joy

Time stood still for me, I was in awe of my little girl

in awe

Nurse Dani was awesome!

Annely was the best Doula we could have had!

Daddy holding his sweet Emily for the first time <3

Baby girl is perfect!

We just can't stop admiring her

Auntie Hannah loves Emily

Taking our little girl home


  1. That love you feel just continues to grow, if you can even imagine that. We are so blessed to have Emily in this family with two wonderful parents and lots of extended family to love on her and teach her about our amazing God. Thank you for allowing me the honor and joy of participating in the labor and birth. Emily Anne you are fearfully and wonderfully made!!! Love you a million kazillion to the moon and back. xoxoxo grandma (sammons)

  2. This is precious :) It was an exciting day for sure! You did a great job and are already a wonderful mommy. Mark is pretty good too ;). She is such a sweet little girl and it has already been amazing to watch her grow.